More than two and a half years ago I started this blog as a way to express a voice inside of me that was abruptly communicating in a language I could understand. When I started writing here I was in a process of discovering who I was. Who was Tresna Lee once I removed myself from a 12 year relationship, the corporate job and a life that was based on what I thought I “ought” to do?

The process of writing, and comments that came from others, was a large part of moving closer to finding that answer.

With time the voice turned inward, my notes became more cryptic and my desire to share intimate thoughts with an unknown audience were overtaken by a mixture of self consciousness and desire to defend my privacy and of those who I was close to.

I still write, but now it remains unpublished. It’s helped me to express myself more clearly (without my internal editor wanting to have a say or pick on my grammar) and it’s actually enhanced my self awareness because I’m not stunted by self censoring.

I read something earlier this year, I now can’t even remember where, but a sentence stuck with me…

“Don’t fall in love with the original idea”.

In the context of the article it related to entrepreneurial endeavours, that the first idea you think is so kick-ass amazing may not be THE idea that has legs enough to stand on.

For the longest while I’ve felt like a neglectful parent, having abandoned this place and letting the months slip by. Occasionally I fret about what is and isn’t visible. I feel like I have to follow through with the original idea. Here I am struggling with things I feel I “ought” to do, rather than what I want to, just as I was three years ago. Holding on out of obligation only stymies what is to come… whatever that may be.

So in the next little while Dear Universe will be packed up and put away in storage, perhaps to be picked over in the future. As too will other projects that once I ferociously fought for but now days can’t (don’t want to) muster the same levels of energy for.

I’m happy with my current way of discovering who I am. In the mean time if you really want to know who Tresna Lee is, perhaps we should have a martini sometime.



September 26, 2011

Friday afternoon gin crisis averted.


Wash a tumbler with Absinth and fill it with ice.

Fill the botom of a Boston with ice while you’re at it.

Add in 30ml of a hard Gin, 60ml cloudy apple juice, 3 drops of Plum Bitters.


Lovingly stir…

Strain. Drink. Rinse. Repeat.








Dear Universe

July 31, 2011

I know. I know. I’ve been a bit quiet and haven’t shown you much love lately.  Trust me, there’s lots of started letters, photos taken with you in mind…’ve been in my thoughts but I’ve not quite had the words to explain what’s going on. Let just say I’ve been busy. Distracted. Consumed. I’ll get […]

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May 18, 2011

Walking to the station playing grown-ups in our suits, we both feel like 17 year olds. Our fingers poke out from our sleeves, reach for one another – perhaps as a way to test the reality of the situation. You put money on my myki, and for the rest of the day as I touch on and off […]

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Dear Flight D7 2014

May 5, 2011

You are half way to Paris. Somewhere there is an empty seat – 17 and a half inches of space that was supposed to be mine for 13 hours. Don’t take it personally. I did the same thing about the same time last year – letting the Eurostar leave London without me and instead choosing […]

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Going back to the start

April 12, 2011

Sometimes we feel like we have gone full circle – as if we have returned to the beginning. Perhaps it is not the beginning at all, but the natural end? Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on Facebookshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post

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Hello my old friend,

April 9, 2011

A year ago I broke your heart in just a few sentences.  We had twelve years together – a life equally divided down the middle and a future built with two sets of hands. Who would have thought that everything we dreamed for ourselves would be played out in different parts of the world, surrounded […]

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Love, ‘n stuff.

March 5, 2011

Last week at work, at the end of service, a group of us were standing around polishing glasses and singing songs that use the name of a person within the lyrics.  Who knows how it started, but that’s the kind of mindless thing that seems to happen at one o’clock in the morning after a […]

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Dear Universe

February 20, 2011

My door is open. Would you care to send some visitors? Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on Facebookshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this post

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Sunshine Dhal

February 2, 2011

I know. It’s Dhal. I can almost hear you saying – “Do we really need ANOTHER recipe for Dhal? Who eats this stuff anyway!?” I secretly love Dhal and happily eat it for breakfast. I make a few versions and this one has an especially sunny colour which is visually appealing when presented as part […]

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